Synthetic Stucco for Homeowners

Synthetic Stucco, also known as Exterior Insulated Finish System, or EIFS, was first used in Europe after the end of World War II to repair all the damaged commercial buildings in Berlin. Synthetic stucco eventually came over to the United States and was initially used on commercial properties. Eventually, builders began using synthetic stucco on residential properties. Synthetic Stucco can be very beautiful as well as low maintenance, durable and energy efficient.

Designed originally in Europe to repair bomb-damaged buildings in World War II, synthetic stucco has recently become the newest trend in modern home building. This is especially true in the southwest where stucco homes have rapidly proliferated. Synthetic stucco’s popularity and success is due in large part to the fact that it represents an alternative to the traditional wood or brick home. Moreover, stucco is unique in that it allows architects and homebuilders to produce more creative and more versatile designs. Synthetic stucco, itself, however, is more than a singular substance like brick or wood. Rather, synthetic stucco is the sum of many parts, a system. This system is known as Exterior Insulation and Finishing System, or as it is more commonly called “EIFS.”

EIFS consists of three major components. First, there is an insulation board, made of foam, that is secured to the exterior of the house through a specially designed adhesive. Second, a water-resistant base coat is applied on top of the insulation which is then reinforced by a fiber glass mesh for extra strength and support. Finally, an acrylic coat (“stucco”) is employed which is essentially crack-resistant and which gives the stucco its colorful and aesthetic touch. The result is a stone-like finish that looks quite formidable and strong.

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